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Limited Assistance

Limited Assistance Representation: Cost Effective “Unbundled” Legal Services

Limited Assistance Representation is an alternate approach to legal services. Often times there are situations when clients may need legal guidance but are not in the market for full scale representation. Limited Assistance Representation is a program approved by the Massachusetts Family and probate court and can be lower cost alternative for some individuals who may not be able to afford the full services of an attorney.  Limited Assistance representation may also be appropriate for clients who have narrow or less complex issues pending before the Family and Probate Court.

With limited assistance representation, the client only hires the attorney to perform specific tasks in their case. Under the traditional method, the attorney is retained to handle all aspects of the entire matter pending before the Court and that attorney cannot withdraw from the case without the permission from a judge.

Limited Assistance Representation can provide a sense of self-satisfaction to clients because it can provide them with the tools they need to advance their case themselves.  Limited Assistance Representation enables individuals to access an attorney for assistance with those areas they need help with, however, it also allows clients to take ownership of their case without feeling completely on their own.  

After consultation, we will decide together whether your case is suited to Limited Assistance Representation and what specific events or issues you need assistance with.

Some of the area where we offer Limited Assistance Services include:

  1. Court Appearances (motion hearings, pre-trial conferences, etc.)
  2. Drafting court documents (motions, memorandums, affidavits etc.)
  3. Consultation/Coaching
  4. Assistance settling cases

Call us today to discuss your own personal situation and let us see if Limited Assistance Representation is right for you. We can be reached at 978-851-2291, or contact us online.

For your convenience, appointments may be scheduled during flexible hours. Our office is centrally located in Tewksbury near Route 93 and Route 495. We serve clients in Middlesex and Essex County.