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Required Parenting Class FAQs

Required Parenting Class FAQs

Learn to Co-Parent Better in Massachusetts

Do you have Required Parenting Class Questions?

Sometimes, when parents in Massachusetts go to court because of their children, it can be helpful for them to take a parenting class. This special class can teach them how to be better parents, communicate with each other, and make life better for their kids. The family court in Massachusetts is now requiring parents to take it in order to reduce conflict and help resolve family court cases before they even start. We have compiled a list of questions we hear regularly from our clients regarding the Required Parenting Class and have provided the answers below.

‘Two Families Now’ is a class that parents can take if they have to go to court about their kids about child custody and parenting plans. It’s a 4-hour online class that you can do on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It helps parents learn how to work together even if they’re not together anymore.  It is especially helpful if parents don’t get along that well or have trouble communicating about their kids.

If you’re in one of these situations and your case was filed after November 1, 2023, a judge will tell you to take the class:

  1. If you’re getting an annulment.
  2. If you’re getting a 1B divorce and you’re fighting over custody or parenting time.
  3. If you’re filing a case to figure out who should have custody or parenting time (even if you’re not married).
  4. If you have a post-judgment case involving a custody or parenting time dispute, such as a complaint for modification or a complaint for contempt

(Click this link to register for Two Families)

Yes, parents can take the class even if they’re not ordered to by the court. It can still help them learn how to be better co-parents.

Parents have to take the class within 45 days after a judge orders them to. After finishing, they need to show a certificate to the court within 14 days.

If parents agree on custody and parenting time within 60 days of starting the court case, they don’t have to take the class. But they need to make a written agreement and give it to the court.

In some cases, a judge can decide that a parent doesn’t have to take the class, even if they were told to. They have to ask the court and explain why they shouldn’t have to.

Each parent has to pay $49.00 to take the ‘Two Families Now’ class, but sometimes if the person is very poor, the court can waive the fee for them so they don’t have to pay.


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