Consultation FAQ

Consultation FAQ

Consultation FAQs

Welcome! We are thrilled you would like to book a consultation with us. We know that most people have no idea what to expect during their initial consultation and that talking to a lawyer can be nerve-wracking. Take a deep breath and relax. We have compiled this list of some of the most frequently asked questions that people often have about what to expect during an initial consultation with an attorney so that you can feel better prepared when you decide to move forward.

What are some reasons I might need a consultation?

Family Law & Divorce
  • If you need to file or you have been served with a complaint
  • To learn more about the law if you believe you may end up in a divorce or other family law case
  • To get a second opinion if you are unsure about a decision in your family law case
  • If you are shopping for attorneys to find the best fit for your situation
Bankruptcy & Debt Relief
  • If you are struggling with significant debt that you cannot manage or repay
  • If you are at risk of losing your home due to mortgage arrears
  • If creditors are constantly hounding you with phone calls, letters, or legal threats
  • A significant change in your financial circumstances, such as job loss or reduced income, might make it impossible to meet your debt obligations
  • If you have medical bills and expenses that have become unmanageable.
Will the consultation be online or in person?

We can either schedule your consultation in person or by zoom. Some people prefer having the benefit of face-to-face contact with our attorneys, whereas others prefer the flexibility of meeting virtually. Although statistics show that in-person meetings are typically more productive, many people have childcare considerations and work schedules that may make meeting in person challenging. In these situations, meeting virtually will likely be the easier option.

Which attorney will I meet with?
Do you offer Free Consultations?
How long are consultations?
Can I hire without a consultation?
What will I learn in my consultation?
What information must I provide prior to my consultation?
Do I need to bring anything to my consultation?