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Adoption in Massachusetts

There is no fast or easy way to adopt a child in Massachusetts, but a successfully bringing a child into your home through a Massachusetts adoption can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

A final adoption decree require an often complex, time-consuming legal process and can quickly become overwhelming. There are often many moving pieces that require a keen eye for legal details.  Collecting the required documentation may require the cooperation of a birth parent or parents, and court appearances by attorneys and the petitioners. Social service professionals and agencies are also often involved should only be coordinated by an experienced adoption attorney with a positive track record in this field.

When you adopt a child, you will have all of the rights and obligations that a biological parent would have.  You will have authority to engage in legal decision-making for the child, financially support the child, and the right to have your adopted child inherit your estate, designate beneficiary rights if you become disabled, and petition for child custody and visitation if your marriage or relationship ends.

Given the time investment of all participants, at Wright Family Law Group, we are meticulous in managing the interests and expectations of biological parents, adoptive parents, stepparents, relatives, and other parties.  We help guide our clients through the adoption process, whether stepparent adoption, agency adoption, grandparent adoption, or foster care (DCF) adoption.

At the heart of a successful adoption is trust.  You can trust Wright Family Law Group. We have the experience, patience and compassion to help you make your dreams of adopting a child come true.

We offer initial consultations to evaluate your particular interests and help establish a realistic timeline. Adopting a child is the noble goal of courageous, compassionate people and we are always proud to do what we can for prospective adoptive placements.  Call us today to discuss your own personal situation and let us see how we can help. 978-851-2291, or contact us online.

For your convenience, appointments may be scheduled during flexible hours. Our office is centrally located in Tewksbury near Route 93 and Route 495. We serve clients in Middlesex and Essex County.

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