Child Custody FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Child Custody FAQs
Massachusetts Child Custody

Do you have custody questions?

We have compiled a list of questions we hear regularly from our clients regarding child custody and have provided the answers below.

I’m About to File for Divorce, and I’m Going to be Seeking Custody of my Child. What are My Options?

An in-depth discussion and analysis you’re your situation is needed. If your goal is sole legal custody, we would need to get a full understanding of the reasons behind your request. Legal custody has to do with decision making authority concerning the child and is more often than not shared by both parents. The court is moving away from terms such as “child custody” and more toward terms such as “parenting plan” or “parenting time arrangement.” You should know exactly what you want your parenting plan to look like and how to describe it so your attorney is able to advocate for you effectively.

If My Spouse Fights me for Custody, Where Does That Leave Us?
If We End Up Going to Court, Will the Judge Want to Talk to my Child? I Do Not Want to Expose My Child to Anything that Could Harm Him or Her Emotionally.
When Can My Child Decide Which Parent to Live with in Massachusetts?
What happens when a noncustodial parent ignores visitation responsibilities?
I Lost my Job and Need to Move out of Massachusetts. Can I Take my Child with Me?
How is Child Custody Determined for Unmarried Parents who Have Separated?
Can a Custody Order be Changed?
How Can an Attorney Help Me With my Custody Goals? Wouldn’t it be Wiser and More Economical for me to Represent Myself?