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Referral program

Referral program

All You Have To Do Is Spread The Word.

When You Refer A Client To Wright Law,
The Referring Party Will Receive $200!

If we have done an outstanding job for you, refer your friends.

We appreciate your business and your support when you let friends and family know that we have done a great job. To show our appreciation we have started a client appreciation campaign.

The referred client will also receive a $100 CREDIT after 90 days of active representation!

Payments will be made 90 days following the engagement for clients with active representation.. There is no limit on what a person can earn in the referral program although there is some fine print.

No public solicitation. You are encouraged to talk to your family, friends, and other existing contacts but not to not solicit professional employment by live person-to-person contact.

If you were referred by someone to our firm, you give your consent to this firm paying a small referral fee to that individual, but such payment will not disclose any information about your representation.

No payment will be made for abuse or misuse of the system.

The referral program constitutes a deminimus gift and not a business transaction, it will not cause a conflict with the existing representation. We are not giving legal advice to clients about the offer and the same offer is being made to everyone, not just clients.