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What to Know About Spousal Support in Massachusetts

Spousal support, often referred to alimony in Massachusetts is now guided by statute, codified in the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011. Alimony can be temporary or long term and is meant to provide financial support to a spouse that has an economic need for support as long as the payor spouse has an ability to pay. Alimony in Massachusetts can be affected by, but is treated separately from child support.

The type, amount and duration of alimony awarded depends on a number of factors set forth in the Alimony Reform Act, including:

  • length of marriage,
  • health of the parties,
  • marital lifestyle and
  • employability of the parties.

In Massachusetts, there is a formula that can be used for calculating how long alimony could be paid, which depends on the number of months the parties were married. The number of months is calculated from the date of marriage to the date one of the parties was served with the divorce summons. In Massachusetts:

  • If you were married between less than 5 years, alimony could be paid for 50% of the number of months; less than 10 years,
  • More than 5 years- 60% the number of months;
  • Less than 15 years, but more than 10 year- 70% the number of months;
  • Less than 20 years but more than 15 years, 80% the number of months;
  • Marriages in excess of 20 years may involve a payment of alimony to the payer’s full social security retirement age.

A spousal support and maintenance attorney must understand how to protect your interests and get the best support arrangement for you.  Likewise a skilled attorney who is familiar with the alimony laws in Massachusetts can help ensure that you are not paying more than you are supposed to under the law. We represent both men and women, payors and recipients of maintenance or spousal support.

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