Visitation FAQs

Massachusetts Visitation

Do you have visitation questions?

We have compiled a list of questions we hear regularly from our clients regarding visitation and have provided the answers below.

What Can I do if My Child Refuses Visitation?

It can be very difficult to watch your child go through feelings of sadness, confusion, frustration and guilt after you and your spouse get divorced or if you and your ex part ways. Sometimes, children who are aware of the situation blame one of their parents for the breakup and will begin doing everything they can to keep from spending time with that parent. Often reunification therapy can help repair a broken relationship and help a child regain confidence and trust in a parent that may have been lost.

There are occasions when there are parental alienation behaviors on the part of one spouse and a child will refuse to visit with a parent as a result. Sometimes these behaviors are intentional, but they are often unintentional as well. If the child refuses to have parenting time or visitation with a parent and it is due to the actions or inactions of the other parent, that parent can seek assistance from the court by filing a complaint for modification.

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