Linda Baker

Linda Baker

Intake Coordinator

Linda, who joined our team in 2022, is an integral part of our firm, primarily focusing on engaging with new clients and streamlining their onboarding experience. Her role is crucial in making the first impressions count and setting the foundation for long-lasting client relationships.

At the heart of her responsibilities is the client intake process. Linda excels in this area, skillfully guiding new clients through their initial interactions with our firm. Her approach is both welcoming and informative, ensuring that clients feel at ease and well-informed from their very first contact. She meticulously explains our services, answering any questions they may have and providing clear instructions on completing intake paperwork. Linda’s ability to simplify legal jargon and present information in an accessible manner greatly enhances our clients’ understanding and comfort.

Linda is also responsible for coordinating the initial meetings between clients and our lawyers. She ensures that these appointments are scheduled at convenient times for both parties and that all necessary information is communicated effectively. Her organizational skills shine here, as she adeptly manages these schedules, allowing our lawyers to focus on providing top-notch legal advice without the added concern of logistical details.

Beyond her professional skills, Linda’s personal attributes significantly contribute to her success in her role. Her empathetic nature and excellent communication skills are evident in every interaction, making clients feel genuinely heard and cared for. This empathy is further enhanced by her fluency in Armenian and Turkish, allowing her to connect with a diverse client base on a deeper level.

Outside the office, Linda’s life in Burlington as a mother to four girls provides her with a unique perspective and understanding of various life situations, which she brings to her interactions with clients. Her hobbies, gardening and reading, reflect her patient and nurturing demeanor, traits that are invaluable in her role.

Linda’s combination of effective communication, empathetic client engagement, and efficient coordination of the intake process makes her a vital and beloved member of our team. She not only helps new clients navigate the beginning of their legal journey with us but also lays the groundwork for the professional and supportive service that is a hallmark of our firm.

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