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Caring For Loved Ones Who Cannot Care for Themselves


When parents are unwilling or unable to perform their duties towards their children, family members or others can make a claim for guardianship so that they can raise the children in the safe, loving environment that they need and deserve. That’s why clients have trusted Wright Family Law Group for their cases involving the guardianship of minors. We proudly provide every client with compassionate, personalized service making sure the best interests of the clients and the children involved are protected.

We also handle cases involving terminating guardianship arrangements when they are no longer necessary or appropriate.

Adult Guardianship Cases

​If a person can no longer care for themselves or their property because of disability or incapacity, we can assist in planning for their care and assistance through a petition for guardianship.  When adults have diminished capacity, they may be vulnerable to third parties taking advantage of them. This could arise in situations where the adult has granted a power of attorney to someone who fails to properly manage the person’s financial affairs. Sometimes, there can be mental or physical elder abuse in addition to predatory actions against their financial situation.  We can help appoint a loved one as guardian and conservator to advocate and care for them when the need it most.

Wright Family Law Group is a top-rated firm specializing in guardianships.  Call us today at 978-851-2291, or contact us online to discuss your options and get the guidance you need.

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