Marriage Without Delay Services

Marriage Without Delay Services
Marriage Without Delay Services for Massachusetts

Get Married Quickly in Massachusetts with Wright Family Law Group

Are you planning a last-minute elopement in Massachusetts? Wright Family Law Group is here to help you make it happen with ease! Our skilled family law attorneys can help you eliminate the 3-day waiting period so that you can get married quickly and without delay!

What You Need to Know:

  • Residency: You don’t have to be a Massachusetts resident to get married here.
  • Marriage License: Obtain a valid marriage license from a Massachusetts city or town clerk. This requires an application fee (which varies by location), proof of age (certified birth certificate, passport, or other document), and your Social Security number. Note: Out-of-state marriage licenses are not accepted.
  • Waiting Period: Typically, there is a three-day waiting period for a marriage license. However, in special circumstances, this can be waived by filing a request for a “Marriage without Delay” with the probate court or district court in the city, town, or county where you applied for the license.

Steps to Expedite Your Marriage:

1. File a Request: Submit a “Marriage without Delay” intake form here.

2. Perform the Ceremony: Once the waiting period is waived, proceed with your wedding ceremony.

3. Return the License:  After the ceremony, the officiant must sign and return your marriage license to the city or town clerk where it was issued to ensure it is legally recorded.

4. Obtain a Marriage Certificate: If needed, you can obtain a copy of your marriage certificate from the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable about the marriage without delay Wright Family Law Group is dedicated to making your special day as seamless as possible. Schedule your free 15 minute discovery call to get started on your expedited marriage process!

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