Will I Look Bad if I refuse Mediation

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Will I Look Bad if I refuse Mediation

Will I Look Bad if I Refuse Mediation?

By Ellen Wright

There may come a time when the court wants you to negotiate and settle your family court case and it could happen at any time. It could happen early on in the process, or it could happen close to trial. But at some point, the court is likely going to want you to sit down with your ex and try to work out a resolution. This is called conciliation.

In Massachusetts, #mediation is always voluntary, but conciliation is encouraged. Do you run the risk of giving the family law judge the wrong impression if you refuse to try to settle your case through the conciliation process? Although the conciliator/mediator is impartial, has family court experience and is trustworthy, you still may not be able to see yourself sitting down with your ex at the same table. Maybe you suffered abuse and trauma and you don’t feel safe, or maybe you still just have unresolved anger issues and it’s just too much to deal with. Either way, there could be consequences in court if your refuse. What does that mean for your case? What will the judge think? Watch the video and download our explanatory infographic to learn more about what this will look like for your situation.

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