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Free Strategy Session

Free Strategy Session

Wright Family Law Academy, Free Strategy Session

An Initial Consultation That is Client-Focused and Forward-Thinking

Your No-Cost Strategy Session

At Wright Family Law Group, we begin all our cases with an initial consultation, which we also call the Strategy Session.

Our first meeting or consultation with you is no cost for the first 30 minutes, or if we go to an hour the cost is $100.00. We charge this no/low-cost because we know that our time spent will be valuable to you and try to keep it as affordable as possible while you are shopping for a lawyer.

At this initial consultation, you will receive:

  • Valuable information about the recommended strategy for your divorce or family court situation; and
  • An action plan on what your next steps should be.

This meeting is not about us. We don’t believe in using our first face-to-face meeting to talk about ourselves. At Wright Family Law Group, one of our business mantras is “Begin as you mean to go on.” Well guess what? Talking about ourselves doesn’t do anything for you, and everything about our process is client-focused from start to finish.

Building a Foundation for a Solid Family Court Strategy: Tell Us What’s Happening

Our strategy session begins with an invitation for you to share and for us to listen. Our attorneys most often open by saying, “Tell me what’s going on with you.”

This invitation lets us learn what you’re really worried about and where you see yourself when you come out the family court/divorce process.

  • Is your biggest concern worry about the future?
  • How is your home situation affecting your children?
  • What about finances?
  • Is this a season to move forward or take a step back?

This is when you may want to bring up any concerns about child support, custody, child visitation or division of property. This consultation is your time to discuss the main issues that you need to address to move forward. We can’t know any of that until we really listen to our you.

Defining Divorce and Family Court Strategy: “How can we help you?”

After really listening to you, the next question is “How can we help?” We believe this invites you to focus on and share where you want to start and how you want to end up. Because, again, this journey is about you, not us.

Once we’ve heard your story and listened to your goals for resolution, then (and only then) can we have a conversation about strategy to get there.

Together, we will map out a strategy with two layers of focus:

  1. First, how do we help you address your immediate worries and feel comfortable?
  2. Second, how do we help you get where you want to be long term?

Family court and divorce consultations are not a “one-size-fits-all” experience. While the process of listening and asking questions is the same, each session takes its own trajectory based upon what the client needs both immediately and down the road. But, at the end of every single Strategy Session, we want you to leave feeling empowered and with a plan for your next steps – both big and small. Whether you take them is ultimately up to you.

And when you’re ready, Wright Family Law Group will be ready to guide you forward and through.

We offer in-person consultations, or via Zoom.