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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Families in Massachusetts are Discovering the Financial and Emotional Benefits of Divorce Mediation.

The cost of litigating a divorce case is not cheap.  Even a relatively low-conflict divorce can cost a divorcing couple with their own attorneys $15,000 or more.  In many situations, money is already stretched thin and the prospect of a divorce can be financially crippling.

Mediation is an excellent alternative to traditional litigation and is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement not only because of the time and cost savings, but because it is confidential and there is no public record of what goes on in your sessions.  If you and your spouse are willing to negotiate, and are open to the prospect of compromise, mediation might be right for you. Some people even report that communication and their working relationship with the other spouse actually improves as a result of the mediation process.  If there are children involved this almost always helps their ability to co-parent effectively.

In a divorce mediation, the divorcing parties meet with one of our certified mediators in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in their divorce. All sessions and communications are joint, and we work as a team.  Our mediators do not make decisions for you and do not give legal advice, but rather serve as a facilitators to help you and your spouse arrive at an amicable resolution for your case. As mediators, we cannot order either party to do anything because participation is voluntary, but we can make helpful suggestions to you to help resolve your case.  Mediation is a collaborative effort – the resolution you reach with your spouse will be based on your own thoughts of what is fair in your situation, as opposed to having a solution imposed upon you by a judge who doesn’t know you or and is bound by rigid and impersonal legal rules of procedure.  This gives you and your spouse 100% more control over the outcome of your case versus leaving it up to the justice system.

Taking the Next Step Towards Mediation

Wright Family Law Group offers mediation to assist you in coming to an expeditious, fair and cost-effective agreement. This alternative may help you avoid the expense of litigation and achieve a relatively swift resolution to your divorce. Mediation is a powerful process and many cases that seem impossible to resolve at the beginning end up in a settlement if everyone is committed to the process.

Call us today toll free at 978-851-2291, or contact us online.  For your convenience, appointments may be scheduled during flexible hours. Our office is centrally located in Tewksbury near Route 93 and Route 495. We serve clients in Middlesex and Essex County.

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This free eGuide will educate you on how to get what you want out of the divorce mediation process while maintaining peace for you and your family.  With these important tips you will ensure that the drama and conflict will be kept to a minimum if not eliminated all together.

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