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Decoding Divorce: Who Gets to Keep the Ring?



Decoding Divorce: Who Gets to Keep the Ring?

19 July 2023
Decoding Divorce: Who Gets to Keep the Ring?

Wedding and engagement rings are more than just pieces of jewelry; they hold sentimental value and can be quite expensive. Many people invest thousands of dollars to find the perfect ring for their beloved. But what happens to these precious symbols of love if the marriage comes to an end? Let’s explore who typically keeps the wedding and engagement rings in a divorce.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

In Massachusetts, the division of marital property follows equitable distribution rules, which aim to divide assets fairly. Engagement rings are usually considered gifts given before the marriage, so they belong to the recipient during the divorce process. However, if the wedding never took place and the couple broke up before exchanging vows, the engagement ring must be returned to the giver.

Wedding bands are also generally purchased before the wedding day and exchanged during the ceremony as a symbol of love and commitment. As with engagement rings, the recipient usually gets to keep the wedding band. Additionally, any other valuable jewelry given during the marriage, like anniversary or Christmas gifts, tends to belong to the recipient as well. Nonetheless, high-value items might be seen as marital property and divided between both spouses.

Divorce Challenges

The end of a marriage can be an overwhelming and difficult time. While you may wish to keep these expensive symbols of your relationship, in most cases, they will be treated as separate property and will belong to your spouse since they were given as gifts.


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