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10 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Family Law Can Bring Joy and Meaning



10 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Family Law Can Bring Joy and Meaning

3 May 2023
10 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Family Law Can Bring Joy and Meaning

My father, who died just before Christmas, never liked lawyers. I remember being a young woman and having him tell me how one affluent attorney he used to do plumbing work for in Marblehead stiffed him for money owed on a job. He said lawyers were shady, money hungry and will lie like the devil to make their clients’ case.

My dad’s feelings toward lawyers never softened over time, so, he wasn’t too thrilled when I chose family law as my profession.

Although my dad and I didn’t see eye to eye that often, I know how proud he was of me building relationships with my clients and helping families. Doing what I do really can be a rewarding experience when I can step into an impossible situation and help turn it around for the better. I get to comfort people who are afraid, bring peace where there is conflict, and achieve the best possible result for the client. These “perks” bring joy and meaning to what some consider to a very self-serving profession.

Family law is a distinctive branch of civil litigation that encompasses a wide range of legal matters relating to family relationships, such as divorce, adoption, child custody, and child support. The gratification that family lawyers derive from their work stems from their ability to positively impact the lives of those they represent during times of trouble and strife. Although this line of work can be very stressful at times, making a difference in these cases is what motivates and inspires us most.

There are a million more reasons to love being a family lawyer. For the sake of brevity, here are 10:

  • Being able to be someone’s “voice of reason” during emotional times;
  • The ability to turn setbacks into triumphs;
  • Providing the resources to remove someone who is trapped in a dangerous situation;
  • Assessing and strategizing with client on how to best protect his or her legal rights;
  • Using personal life lessons and a lawyer’s unique perspective on any given family court situation;
  • Being a voice for children and helping protect their best interests;
  • The adventure and journey toward becoming a better lawyer;
  • A deeper appreciation for their own family;
  • Helping the helpless, defending the defenseless, bringing hope to the hopeless;
  • Educating and giving clients the tools that will help them after their family court case is over;

The family law attorney handling your divorce or family court case should not only have the practical experience of a seasoned attorney but should also love what they do. Your family law attorney should see themselves as your partner, advocate and guide. They should be familiar with all facets of this very emotional and complex area of law, and they should have a passion for what they do really shines through.

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